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Project Management Definitions:


  • Is a temporary effort to complete a specific deliverable.
  • Has a specific begin date and end date.
  • Has specific objectives.
  • Has resources assigned to perform the work.
  • Has an assigned project manager who has overall responsibility and authority over the project.

Project Management

  • Is a discipline that conceptualizes, initiates, plans, executes and controls, and closes a project.

Project Management Framework

  • Defines how to manage a project.
  • Classifies and organizes project management concepts and methods.
  • Guides the project manager through project management activities.
  • Contains five project management stages.
  • Each stage includes activity definitions, templates, and examples.

Project Management Roles

  • See Glossary for definition and elaboration of key project management roles including:

  • Customer
  • Project Manager
  • Project Sponsor
  • Project Team
  • Stakeholder

Collaborative Partnership and Project Management:

Collaborative Partnership

  • Is a cooperative relationship formed to share interests in and responsibility for mutually-beneficial outcomes.

Collaborative Partnership for IT Projects

  • Is a cooperative relationship between IT service providers and primary functional/business-line service providers.
  • Produces agreement to share responsibility for IT project outcomes.
  • Suggests an interpretation of PMA roles such that “customer” means the functional service provider.
  • May produce agreement to share the project manager and project sponsor responsibilities for an IT project, in which case the PMA roles of “project manager” and “project sponsor” mean multiple individuals with a shared responsibility.


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Updated November 3, 2015 - v2.0