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How to: Conduct Post Project Review

Recommended actions and strategies
The table below describes actions and strategies you can perform at a post-project review.


What to do

How to do it


Compile key review data


Compare initial baseline estimates with final values. The difference between initial and final indicates improvement areas. Standard data to analyze include:

  • budget, staffing, schedule & milestones
  • scope changes, work & rework effort
  • quality targets, risks realized & missed


Prepare for post-project review meeting




Use the Communications, Organizational & Student Initiatives (COSI) department for help in meeting preparation. Follow normal meeting guidelines:

  • Contact standard post-project review facilitator
  • Contact standard post-project review scribe
  • Select participants and inform them about the review process.
  • Reserve a room, usually off-site or not typically project-associated


Prepare and distribute survey

Work with review facilitator to create a survey for the project team. Results will be used in post-project review session.

Analyze, summarize, and distribute survey results prior to post-project review session.


Conduct post-project review session

The review facilitator moderates post project review session. Scribe records meeting discussions and resolutions. An effective agenda includes:

  • Review of summary information
  • Discuss what went well
    • group ranking of most important
    • for the future, plan to continue things done right
  • Discuss what could have been improved
    • group ranking of most important
    • for the future, plan to prevent things done wrong
  • Discuss risk management
    • Effective mitigation strategies
    • Risks missed
    • Risks identified but not realized
  • Discuss lessons learned


Document and archive post-project review material

Build permanent record of lessons learned.

  • Scribe produces project review report.
  • Participants review and approve report
  • Scribe publishes project review report on DoIT intranet.

Project manager ensures post-project review material is appropriately archived

Distribute key results of post-project review:

  • Brown bag seminars
  • Presentations to quality groups
  • Presentations at technical seminars



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