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How to: Perform Administrative Closeout

Recommended actions and strategies
The table below describes actions you can perform during administrative closeout of a project.


What to do

How to do it


Archive project information

Update, clean up, and archive all relevant project material. Place in the project document repository. This provides an audit of the history and evolution of the project.

Examples of items to include in the project repository include:

  • All raised issues and correspondence
  • Crucial decision-making memos
  • Meeting minutes, results, and actions
  • Audit results
  • Post Post-implementation report
  • Project documents
    • charter
    • detailed project plan
    • baseline and final schedule
    • financials
    • scope changes and requests log
    • status reports
    • project team progress reports and timesheets
    • closed and open Issues log
    • approval forms with original signatures
    • risk management worksheets

Provide hard copy repository in a designated document area.

  • Available electronically at discretion of project manager


Provide team member performance feedback




Provide individual feedback to project team members on their performance and accomplishments.

Things to do during a performance review:

  • Review feedback with team members
  • Feedback mechanisms include:
    • Appraisal forms
    • Exit interviews
  • Submit documentation to team members’ supervisors for performance appraisal.

Items to include in a performance review:

  • Key project responsibilities
    • Team member feedback, comments, follow-up actions
  • Skills inventory update:

Team member description, rating, comments



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Updated June 1, 2006 - v1.1