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Stage 4: Execute & Control


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How to: Hold Project Team Kick-Off Meeting

Recommended actions and strategies
The table below describes actions you can take to conduct a Project Team
Kick-off Meeting:

Tip: Consider doing a periodic checkpoint to review the scope and requirements with the project sponsor just to confirm there are no assumptions about changes to be made.


What to do

How to do it


Schedule Project Team Kickoff Meeting

Determine when team members are available and schedule the meeting.


Prepare Agenda and Meeting Materials

Several days prior to the meeting, prepare and send the agenda, completed Project Plan, and Management Methods/Expectations Worksheet to team members.


Hold Project Team Kickoff Meeting

Gather in a room conducive to presentation and discussion.

Review and discuss details of the Project Plan.

Hold a discussion to refine and clarify the management methods and expectations for the Execute and Control Stage.

Keep the conversation focused and note all contributions using flip charts, projected computer screen, or other.


Project Team Kickoff Meeting Follow-up

Send meeting minutes to team members and invite additions/corrections.

Include team input in the Management Methods and Expectations Worksheet and send this to team members for a follow-up review. Invite additions/ corrections. 




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Updated July 1, 2006 - v1.2.1