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Stage 4: Execute & Control


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What it is: Hold Project Team Kick-Off Meeting

This Kickoff Meeting brings team members together to review the Project Plan and to discuss the management methods to be used in the Execute and Control Stage.

Conducting a Project Team Kickoff Meeting allows the project manager to ensure common understanding of the Project Plan. In addition, the project manager can use this meeting to communicate methods s/he will use to manage and control the project during the Execute and Control Stage and discuss these with team members. Involving team members in this process builds project manager-team communications, making project success more likely.

Who is Involved
Project Manager
Project Team Members

The information shared in this Kickoff Meeting will ensure common understanding of the Project Plan and will allow discussion of methods to be used for management and control. Clearly communicated management/control methods and expectations as well as discussion with team members can lead to team-building, efficiency, and effectiveness in the Execute and Control Stage.


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Updated July 1, 2006 - v1.2.1