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Stage 4: Execute & Control


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How to: Manage Scope & Requirements

Recommended actions and strategies
The table below provides a step-by-step procedure for handling a change in a project’s scope and requirements.

Tip: Consider doing a periodic checkpoint to review the scope and requirements with the project sponsor just to confirm there are no assumptions about changes to be made.


What to do

How to do it


Obtain a formal request for a scope or requirement change

Ask the person to submit a scope change and justify the business value to the project. The sponsor will need this information to make a final decision.
Document the change request . Make sure the reason for the change is clearly documented.

Note: Sometimes the change to scope is actually a clarification of an existing scope item that turns out to be bigger or more complicated than originally estimated.


Track the formal change request

Follow the project change management control methods as outlined in the Change Management Plan.


Analyze the nature and extent of the scope or requirement change

Work with the project team to analyze what the change involves in terms of work or rework.


Determine the impact of the change request

Work with the project team and project sponsor to determine the impact of the scope or requirement change on the schedule effort, cost, duration.

Consider impact of change on project team focus and morale.

Consider feasibility of the change.

Evaluate potential project risks and issues.

Document all alternatives explored for future reference.


Identify who must review and accept or reject the scope change

Work with the project sponsor and other designated decision makers. Use the project’s change management control process to review and solicit change approval or rejection.

Remember: adjustments to the project scope become a new baseline and must have the approval of the project sponsor.


Make necessary adjustments to appropriate project plans and staffing

If the scope change is accepted:

  • Update the project charter with agreement on revised project scope or requirements, staff allocations and timeline.
  • Update the project budget, schedule, and staff resources as needed.
  • Solicit additional staff as required.


Communicate the scope change status and resolution

Use the communication plan to inform  project team and other appropriate stakeholders. Include scope changes in the Project Status Report.



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Updated February 1, 2006 - v1.0