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Stage 2: Initiate the Project



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How to: Define Requirements

Involve key stakeholders
Because requirements build consensus, it is important to involve all key stakeholders and participants in the requirements process. This process includes identification, review and approval of the requirements by all parties.

Recommended actions and strategies
The table below provides the key strategies for defining requirements. 


What to do

How to do it


Review project business needs

Refer back to the Scope statement of the project to get a better understanding of the business needs.


Gather the requirements from the customer/stakeholder

Consider techniques such as facilitated requirements workshops.

Focus on customer needs rather than solutions.

Focus on product benefits (necessary requirements) rather than features.

Identify the capabilities, features or attributes of the deliverable. Also can include quality and operational requirements.


Evaluate the requirements

Make sure the requirements are necessary, attainable, unambiguous, complete, consistent and concise.


Prioritize the requirements

Identify those needed to meet real customer needs. Some classifications include: need, want, dream or must have, desired, and like.


Align requirements with project scope

Identify which requirements are included and are not included in the project scope.


Examine assumptions

Identify and document any assumptions upon which the requirements are based.


Hold reviews of requirements with key stakeholders

Reviews validate and verify the requirements resulting in more accurate requirements specification and higher customer satisfaction.



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