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Stage 2: Initiate the Project



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How to: Identify High-Level Roles

Recommended actions and strategies
The table below describes several actions that you can perform to identify high level staff requirements for a project.      


What to do

How to do it


Create a list of the required project roles

List all the roles that will be involved at some capacity in the project. Some may be indirectly involved as supporting organizational unit, a steering committee, or as an external vendor or supplier.

Some roles have on-going work assignments such as the members of the project team.


Define the responsibilities

For each role, briefly describe its responsibility.


Define skills required

For each role as needed, list the skills the staff resource filling the role must possess.

Example: Technical writing, Java programming


Determine the full time equivalent (FTE) level of effort for each role

Break this into a given time frame – usually the fiscal quarter or fiscal year at this level of planning.  A person working full-time would be equivalent to 1.0 and half-time would be .50 etc.


Determine the potential source for each role

Indicate the business organization from which the resource might be recruited or indicate if the resource will be sourced from outside as a contactor.


Create a project organization chart

The chart should show the reporting relationships of the roles.

Note: When actual team members are recruited and assigned in the planning stage, the project organization chart can be updated with the team member’s name.


Identify planning stage team members

List the names and responsibilities of the project team members who will be responsible for the planning stage activities.



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