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Stage 2: Initiate the Project



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What it is: Identify High-Level Roles

When initiating a project you need to identify staff resources needed to complete the project. The two aspects to this task are:

  1. Identify staff roles: A preliminary or high-level description of roles, responsibilities, skills, time commitments and sources of key project staff. This can be in the form of a list of titles and positions (i.e., customer contact, lead programmer, systems analyst, operations and support specialist etc.).
  2. Identify planning team members: The names and titles of team members assigned to perform the planning activities in the Plan Stage.

Identifying key staff roles is essential to determine initial project labor cost estimates. This information is refined in the Plan Stage when actual team members are assigned and the detailed project schedule is constructed.

Who is involved
Project Manager
Project Sponsor
Project Stakeholders

This information is included in a separate section of your project charter often referred to as:

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Project staff


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Updated February 1, 2006 - v1.0