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What it is: Develop Issue Management Strategy


An issue management strategy helps the project manager resolve issues in a timely way to prevent the impact of problems from growing or to exploit an opportunity that presents itself. An issue is a situation or concern that arises during the Execute and Control Stage of the project, was not addressed in the project plan, requires resolution, and may impede the progress of the project. When an issue cannot be resolved by the project manager and project team, it is escalated to outside help. Some issues, if not addressed, could adversely impact the success of a project. 


An issue management strategy sets the expectation that issues will be actively prioritized, managed, and escalated according to rules agreed upon by the project stakeholders and that the stakeholders play a role in setting these rules.

Who is involved

Project Manager
Project Sponsor
Project Stakeholders

Issue Management Strategy component of the Project Charter




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Updated March 15, 2007 - v2.2