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Stage 3: Plan the Project


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What it is: Hold Project Kick-Off Meeting

The Project Kickoff Meeting formally recognizes the start of the project. The project manager uses this meeting to communicate a shared view of the project to ensure understanding of the approved project charter and to clarify next steps involved in producing the Planning Stage deliverables.

The Project Kickoff Meeting provides an opportunity for the following:

  • Introduce Official Sponsor(s) and Project Manager
  • Introduce Key Customers and Stakeholders
  • Review Project Scope, Definition and Objectives
  • Review High-level Timeline & Milestones, Roles, and Budget
  • Review Deliverables
  • Review Challenges
  • Explain Next Steps

This meeting allows the Sponsor(s) to relay commitment to the project’s outcomes. It provides an opportunity for the Project Manager to review the approved project charter, answer any questions to ensure understanding, and explain the next steps contributing to development of a Work Plan and Control Plan in order to finalize the Project Plan. Including Stakeholders in this meeting builds communication and coordination, making project success more likely.

Who is Involved
Project Manager
Project Sponsor(s)
Project Stakeholders

The Project Kickoff Meeting ensures that all Stakeholders are familiar with and share a common understanding of the approved Project Charter and that they are aware of the next steps to complete the project Work Plan and Control Plan. The more complete the resulting plans, the more likely project implementation will progress efficiently and effectively. 


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