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Stage 3: Plan the Project


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What it is: Develop Project Staffing Plan

Developing a project staffing plan involves selecting and assembling a project team.  The staffing plan specifies when and how to meet the requirements for staffing the project.  The staffing plan builds on the high-level staffing needs identified in the Initiate Stage.

Items to consider in the project staffing plan:

  • How the staff will be acquired
  • How long the staff will be needed
  • The skills required
  • What training is needed

Staff is essential to accomplish project tasks. The staffing plan identifies the staff required and how and where to secures those staff.  Getting commitments from key staff before actual work begins is necessary.

Who is Involved
Project Manager
Project Sponsor

This information is included in a separate section of your project plan often referred to as the “Project Staffing Plan.”



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