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Stage 3: Plan the Project


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What it is: Develop Project Schedule

A project schedule designates work to be done and specifies deadlines for completing tasks and deliverables.  The project schedule depicts:

  • Time (duration) estimates for all project tasks
  • Start and finish dates for the tasks
  • Names of staff resources assigned to complete the tasks
  • Sequence of tasks

A major component of a project schedule is a work breakdown structure (WBS).  The project schedule is constructed to reflect the work breakdown structure.

The project manager uses the schedule to help plan, execute and control project tasks and to track and monitor the progress of the project.  

The project schedule defines timelines for key deliverables and sets expectations for project progress and completion.

Who is involved?
Project Manager
Project Team

This information is included in a separate section of your project plan often referred to as “Project Schedule.”



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